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Apneautic is a company focused on the development, production and sales of high-end equipment for freediving. History of the company goes back to 2006 when the brand APNEAMAN – Martin Zajac started manufacturing first training buoys and backpacks for long fins as well as for monofin. In 2011, the first common and very successful Nose Clip Apnea Academy was, in cooperation with Václav Hofmann, released for commercial sale. At the beginning of 2012 our common plans for further development of equipment have eventually brought us to the point where we decided to establish new brand called APNEAUTIC.

Top world class freedivers are involved in development and testing of all of our products which are made to the last detail – see team APNEAMAN. High quality craftsmanship, high quality materials and development methods (freedivers to freedivers) ensure not only nice design and long durability, but also high performance, value and safety of our products. We are delighted to say that popularity of our product continues to grow which can be seen in increasing number of our dealers all around the world – See dealer network.

Martin ZajacMartin Zajac – Sales Director
He has been diving since 1993 and in 2005 he began with freediving. Consequently in 2006, he became a professional couch and instructor of Apnea Academy International. Martin holds many national records as well as he finished greatly in finals in swimming pool World Cup and also in Depth World Cup. He couches the international team Apneaman, cooperates with top athletes such as Alena Zabloudilová, Michal Rišián and others. In 2011, he received an international award “Best Coach of the Year”, given by AIDA. In 2012, he led the male national team to a bronze medal in Nice.
Václav HofmannVáclav Hofmann – Technical Director
He began with diving in 1993 and in years 1994 – 2010 he was a member of the Fire and Rescue Service in Prague. He started with freediving in 2010. Technical education and unique innovative Václav’s thinking are a major contribution for the development of new equipment and improvements to already existing products. The first and so far the most successful Václav’s product is above mentioned popular Nose Clip Apnea Academy.
Václav is a technical and production director of Apneautic.
Jan PohořelýJan Pohořelý – Head of Trade and Shipping
He has been diving since 2010 and since 2014 professionally as an instructor Apnea Academy International. Jan is also involved in the testing and development of new products Apneautic. It is also a member of the international freedivingového team Apneaman.
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In today’s world full of rush, stress and worries more and more people seek active form of relaxation in a pleasant, clean and calm environment. One of the activities in nature, that meet all of the requirements for active regeneration, is snorkeling or, if you want, freediving. Its great advantage is that you do not have to own hundreds and hundreds of equipment and that you are not dependent on diving centers. These are the reasons why freediving has become quite popular all around the world. Apneautic is not just a dealer with equipment for this beautiful sport. We have many years of experience in freediving which we take advantage of in developing and producing our new products. All you can buy in our shop we also actively use within the APNEAMAN team. Therefore, we offer the best equipment available on the market and because they come from our own production, you can get these products only from us or from our partners.

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